Let me preface this by saying that I am sure the Gawker car site has a GT-like forum but I am unsure of where to find it or how receptive they are to to Jez people. So I figured I'd start here—if I should repost there someone tell me how!

I need to get a car by the end of the month and I could use some recommendations. I have a long commute and I have my toddler for about half of it so my first priority is something safe. Second priority would be gas mileage. At the moment I am driving an Lexus 330, which I've been happy enough with but 1) I shouldn't own a nice car because I treat them like crap and 2) I don't need a "family vehicle" (my ex and I got it and he wanted an crossover). For the longest time, including when my son was born, I drove a Volvo S70 which I LOVED, so I thought I might just get another of those. I am tempted to look into older hybrids but they just feel like little tin cans to me.

I would spend up to $15K although I'd like to keep it $10K or under, I never buy new cars, obviously.

I know nothing about cars so I thought I might put out my feelers about any that are super great I'm missing. Or if I should just stick to what I know.

When we bought the Lexus we were also looking at the Volvo crossover, although I recall it got the worst gas mileage of the bunch, Audi wagons and Volvo wagons.

I would also give my left pinkie to have bun warmers again.