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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I had just finished a pretty wonderful and cathartic 3-hour conversation with the lovely Korra on gchat, and I was feeling pretty good about myself, when my cat (from her usual position on top of the futon/couch I sit on) started FLIPPING RIGHT THE FUCK OUT. It went from minor twitching to full-on loss of control of her body and spasming in the span of about five seconds, after which she fell down to where I was and continued to have what seriously looked like a particularly bad epileptic seizure while on her back. I stood back, not wanting to touch her (I didn't want to make it worse) while getting LadyTrout up and then (on her instructions) going and waking her dad up.

It subsided after no more than 45 seconds (probably closer to 30), then after a period of heavy breathing and dramatically increased heart rate (real shocker there), she seemed to settle back to normal (albeit totally wide-eyed and with a "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED TO ME" expression). She's currently in the bedroom with LadyTrout and seems to be doing ok.

So...what the fuck, people? LadyTrout's family has had her for close to three years (I've been here for a year now), and we've never noticed ANYTHING like this out of her (and she spends almost all her time in close proximity to either me or LadyTrout). The only thing we can figure here is that maybe it's some kind of reaction to the Rabies/Distemper vaccinations she just got? She's never been vaccinated before (her old owners were really fucking terrible at taking care of her) — is that a thing? Is that even possible?


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