I just had an encounter with a nice gentleman. I don't know how to handle it.

I'm sitting in my Jeep in my driveway with the window down, having a smoke, reading GT. I am highly visible from the street. My leg is hanging out of my window because I'm a badass motherfucker, ya dig?

This red car drives up, windows down (it hit 94 today! Record breaking July 1st heat!) and this nice young man leans out his window and shouts, "You look real nice, bitch!" as he drives by.

I'm torn, you guise. He didn't even slow down. How am I supposed to get his phone number? Should I just pray for him to come back later so I won't pine away, wondering what could've been between us?

Maybe I'll do one of those Missed Connections thingies. Me: real nice lookin' bitch chillin' in my vehicle. You: guy who let me know.


(The really funny part is that my pant leg was riding up and I haven't shaved my legs in AGES. Real nice lookin' hairy bitch! Take that, Patriarchy!)