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1. Refer to Angela Merkel as a currency manipulator. https://www.ft.com/content/57f104d2-e742-11e6-893c-082c54a7f539 

2. Annoyed India over H1-B VIsas since (I could be wrong on percentage) up to 70% goes to India’s citizens. Many banks and tech companies hire folks from India for technical jobs and other high skilled work.


3. According to CNN tonight. He insulted the PM of Australia for our deal to take 1200 refugees and he told the Austrialian PM he wanted to “export the next Boston Bomber”

4. According to MSNBC tonight. He told Mexican president he would send troops to deal with the “bad hombres”. Note when you send troops to other countries who wo not want your troops its an invasion and an act of war.

5. NSA Flynn told Iran they are “on notice”. As one retired general put it “what does that even mean”.

Oh not one word from Trump or Flynn about Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

Crisis events that no sane human would ever have gotten us into especially with allies. Iran is not an ally but neither are they mind readers nor stupid.


Note: I inncluded two articles

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