Apparently the Target near me has renovated their electronics section and this has led to them basically condensing all three aisles of books into one of those little displays that’s equivalent to about 4 endcaps.

I mean, the phone section looks more spaced out, so I guess that’s nice. I’m just so disappointed in this as I loved to look at the paperbacks when I went to Target. That was probably half the reason I went (I don’t by their clothes, and their food/cleaning stuff/housewares are nice but nothing I can’t find other places).

I feel like I am overreacting to this. Target was the first place I went by myself to buy books. There was one within walking distance of where I grew up, and I would walk over there starting around 6th grade to find new authors and series. In retrospect, they absolutely should not have sold me Anne Rice books in 7th grade, but hey, I turned out ofay.