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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So Disatisfied with My Life

I am in a bad place. I hate everything about my life’s situation.

  • I want to quit teaching...but I don’t know what I’d do instead. (This may be a temporary feeling, but god, it’s been a tough start at a new school.)
  • I want to buy a house...but am many years away from saving for a down payment.
  • I want to move to the PNW...but see the above two points.
  • I want to buy a dog...but live in a pet-free apartment and want to wrap up pet-ownership into house-ownership.
  • I want to be in a loving and committed relationship...but am single as fuck. And have the least control over this one.

Basically, I want to uproot and change everything about my life right now, but don’t have the money to do so and realize that I should probably give the new give a full year or two before deciding that I really hate it. My family and friends are in CA, but I only have a few close friends and they’re all coupled and have little time for me, so I don’t feel like this would be an issue in the long run. I guess if I’m going to be alone and sometimes lonely with fam/friends around, no reason why I shouldn’t go somewhere new and be actually alone. And have a new job that doesn’t require me to take home work every night and have no life so I can go out and go through the painful process of making new friends.

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