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SO EXCITED for this summer!

Trying to focus all of my attention on the awesome shit I'm doing this summer and not on the strep throat that WON'T FUCKING GO AWAY.

First off, I'm going to motherfucking DISNEY WORLD in a week! Awwww yeah! I'm not even 100% sure which parks we're going to save for Epcot, as I told my sister "just plan that shit and surprise me." I've never been to Disney and I feel like a little kid! Gonna be so damn awesome!

Then I'm finally moving! To a bigger apartment! AND I'LL GET MY ROOM BACK! Alsoooooo I'm getting a pet bearded dragon when I move (Mamadukes said I can as long as she doesn't have to see it) so I'm all sorts of excited about that! I already have his name picked out ;)


Then in July I'm going down to Houston for a week with my friend who's moving down there. We're driving down the weekend of the 4th (22 hour drive YASSS) and having a glorious road trip, then I'll be sticking around for a week to help her and her kid get settled in.

And now, I just bought a ticket for a The Offspring, Pennywise, and Bad Religion show on August 4th! A couple of my friends are going but I didn't even care when I bought the ticket. Cuz I'm on that "do things by myself" flow and it's AWESOME.

This is the first summer I'll be single since I'm 17. I'm doing ALL the things! :D

Anyone else have cool plans for the summer? Share em!

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