So I'm late starting my period. I started my BC off week last Thursday. It is Wednesday and I've done nothing but cramp. I was supposed to have my yearly at the end of the week. Since Flo hasn't made an appearance yet, I called and pushed it to next week. No, I'm not pregnant, my body just hates me. Mr. Moxie and I usually play in ways that won't result in that in the event of BC failure.

I have a cold sore in the corner of my mouth.

I exercised Sunday night and my neck started grinding. That has been pretty normal since I started trying to exercise more. Then I knocked my neck out of place Monday morning. Never try balancing your phone on you ear while trying to finish putting on your tights. And then it was so windy, my husband convinced me I should wear pants anyway.

Insurance will no longer cover anything on outside network providers. That means that I have to cut my kids appointment with the Chiropractic neurologist to every other week and do short appointments.

I made an appointment with my old chiropractor because he is now in network. I went for my appointment with him yesterday. He is putting together exercises to help me not re-injure my neck every time I exercise.

Sunday, my husband's manager woke me up at about midnight to tell me he had a diabetic episode and was taken to the local hospital. Evidently he ate a huge sandwich for dinner, had a snack of M&Ms when he thought he was going low, and still ended up low enough that he wandered out to go smoke and got lost in the parking lot. They made him eat and made sure he was stable. His manager went and picked him up later. He stayed at work with a high blood sugar for the rest of the night.


Last night I woke at 1am to Mr Moxie having a diabetic seizure. He saw his endocrinologist earlier this week and they cut his insulin doses. His sliding scale is about a third what it was and he still had a blood sugar of about 30. We got to meet more EMTs. They gave him gel and his blood sugar was still dropping so they gave him an IV. I made him tacos and we thanked the men as they left.

So now I'm tired and I have to work, but at least I don't have to see my doctor and have him poke at me for another week.

Anyone having a good week?