First of all, didja miss me? I was on vacation for ten days, going to a couple weddings close to the Homestead, staying with the fambam, and slowly losing my mind. But also I went on a pretty mountain!

Second, bed bug update: I called the apartment manager the day before we left, and he said he was spraying something (not a fogger, but some spray he was personally applying) while we were gone. So partial win! We just had to strip the bed, move all the heavy-ass bookshelves away from the wall, and hope he was using something effective. We’ve been back for two nights, and so far so good. Either the bugs are all dead, or they moved on to our neighbors. Either way, I’m filing it under “no longer my problem”.

Finally, someone tried to burn down the store I work at last night. They were not successful (no merchandise was even damaged), but it’s pretty unsettling to walk in to your beloved workplace and realized there’s singeing around the doorframe (inside and out) and it smells like smoke. So that was three hours of fun with two law enforcement departments, the fire department, and about a dozen people milling about. They put up crime scene tape and everything. I filed a report. I also am totally freaked out, so I bought some new yarn and am making myself a ballerina wrap sweater tonight. (I’ve had bad experiences with cops. These officers were prompt, polite, and understanding, but the uniforms still make me nervous.)

They think it’s the shopping center’s resident homeless guy, who has been aggressive and threatening with pretty much every business owner in it, and has a particular vendetta against one of the owners of my store. So that’s super. I’m mostly just grateful that no one and nothing was seriously harmed, but as the day went on I was having these awful visions of the whole complex burning down and all the things we’ve been working towards going up in literal smoke. Luckily, none of the customers noticed either the smell or the singeing, so hopefully there will be no gossip among them.

So yeah. I got some veg sushi and now I’m drinking beer and I might even have a margarita, Tuesday night be damned.