Agghhh! My GP doctor recently closed his private practice, much to my major sads. He's been my doctor for 5 years, through chronic fatigue, massive migraines, and spinal injury. He took me for my word, always made sure I was appropriately medicated so I can continue working (instead of filing for disability at 27) and took a personal interest in my life.

Now, I'm trying to find a replacement GP and we've already been turned down by FOUR offices because of the medications my husband and I are on. I have a cocktail of fairly low-grade narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxers and nerve pain meds that keep me functional with three herniated discs and major nerve impingement. My husband broke his back 10 years ago, has 7 fractured vertebrae and is on the same narcotic/muscle relaxer cocktail as I am.

Let me stress: most days I would not be functional without Lortabs. If I'm not hurting, I can easily not take them, but pain-free days are very rare. I'm not an addict and haven't had my prescription upped in the three years I've been taking them. My orthopedic surgeon refuses to do surgery for another 10-15 years because of my age.

But all of these new doctors, as soon as they see mine and my husband's prescription history, they immediately assume we're drug addicts or pushers and won't take us on. This is the fun of living in SW Virginia, where pill abuse is endemic. I get it, really - but not everybody on these medications is in it for a high. I take them because I HAVE to, not because I want to spend extra money on them every month and always make sure I have a bag of meds with me and look dodgy to other people when they see me taking a pill. I have MRIs and a detailed medical record the size of a phone book, but none of that seems to matter.


I've been crying after the last "no". I really don't know what to do. Maybe get ahold of my old doctor and see if he can vouch for my character to another office, let them know I'm not an addict. Not sure if that's something even he could legally so.

This is all so ridiculous.

UPDATE: I decided to message my old GP on Facebook, since we're friends on there and he's cool like that. I explained the situation and asked if he knows of anyone personally or could write us a letter of recommendation. Hopefully he doesn't mind me badgering him on Facebook over something like this but it's the only way I have to get ahold of him.