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Does anyone ever read the late great Earle Stanley Gardner books any more? Well not Sony execs it seems. A major theme in his Perry Mason novels dealt with blackmail. Usually a new client would come to Perry stating they were being blackmailed. Perry would tell the client they had three options to be free of a blqckmailer.

1. Pay the blackmail and realize that the blackmailer now owns you. Once they get money the first time it will not stop.

2. Say no. You can either take your lumps and try to minimize the damage or fight back and fight back hard.


3. Kill the blackmailer.

Perry would tell the client 1 and 3 there was no need to hire him. Number two he would help. Of course the client would do it wrong and be either discovered over the blackmailers body or discover the blackmailers body and call Perry. Of course in both cases they would be arrested and Perry would fight against Hamilton Burger in court or one of his flunkies.

Sony sadly is doing number 1. Now a Steve Carrell movie is cancelled. Are novels next? Since North Korea.was behind it this needs.government involvement. One person on CNN was on and thought the government should distribute the movie and take the responsibility. We cannot allow a nation state to hack company computers, divulge information of very private info like names.with socsec#s and blackmail.

Sure its hard for Sony to fight alone nor should we expect them to fight against a foreign nation alone. North Korea.and any other hack amd blackmailer must know.blackmail.will not be paid in any form either through money or cancelling a movie both Sony and the US government have to say no.

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