We haven’t had one of these posts for a while. I know the SOs of the world are out there doing dumb shit! Let’s hear it. Be as petty as you want, I won’t judge.

Here is my airing of the grievances re: Bonernator

1. Last night I finished washing the dishes and said “I’m so happy we started buying sponges with the scrubby sides on them again, now I can really start disciplining our pots.” He said “oh, next time I’ll mark that sponge [note: the one I had just used]. I used it to clean the bathtub with bleach.”




Yeah, sure, use a KITCHEN SPONGE for that and store it by the KITCHEN SINK. Why in the world would I ever assume it would be for kitchen purposes??? Clearly it’s the bathroom sponge!!!


2. When he puts on a timer (for the microwave, for steeping our coffee, for exercise, etc.) and it goes off, he runs to address whatever was being timed WITHOUT TURNING OFF THE TIMER! So it’ll just beep, beep, beep incessantly FOR AGES. I don’t know if I’m just really sensitive to noise (I can’t even stand the noise of a bathroom fan, fun fact) or what, but it drives me bananas.