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So GT Is Kinda In A Mood Lately

...and frankly, it's been a bit weird to observe. I've been working almost nonstop for a couple weeks now, so I've been far more of a lurker/outside observer than normal, and there really is something peculiar in the air. Before I go any further, I would like to state emphatically that this is not aimed at anyone in specific (like for real; I can't recall any specifics right now, and this post isn't about specifics anyway).

Lately in GT there has been a weird amount of piling-on and nitpicking, and it's not good. I don't know where this mood came from, but it's hurtful to a lot of long-time commenters and off-putting to casual GT folk who want to post here more. I think that somehow a very important facet of GT has been overlooked recently, and that is that here we all start with an assumption of good faith on each other's parts. Slay and Chrit are pretty solid at keeping our little community free of douchey rabble, and as a result we can all let our hair down a bit. Now, that's not to say that we can't ever call each other out (the lovely Eloise V. called me out once on my unthinking use of ableist language, and it was good) or that we can't let a fellow GTer know "hey, what you said sounded like this, and that's problematic/hurtful because of this", BUT.


We really are all very broadly on the same page here. We come in here because it is safe-ish, and we know that our approved commenters and posters are all operating in good faith. We don't need to always get every word perfect, or always have something pithy to say, and we should all relax in the knowledge that major calling-out will be reserved for when we seriously jam our feet in our mouths. When we see a potential pile-on happening to someone we know operates in good faith, someone we know will look over what they said if they are kindly called out once on the subject, someone who does not double down when their fuckup is pointed out - without a pile-on, we need to step in and defuse the situation.

We will not always agree on everything, and that's a good thing! That said, we also don't need to make a point of our disagreements or take opportunities to show how we disagree with our less-sympatico GT siblings. The way we let varying opinions happen is to just let them happen, and to keep this space as kind as we can for all of our family here.

I love GT, and I think we'll be fine. We just need to work through this mood.

This post inspired by the encouragement of Crazy Aunt Kanye.

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