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So, GT, What Are You Wearing?

OMG OMG OMG - I have posting privileges! I am so excited about this! Thank you!!

I thought I might put up a post that I had mentioned in someone else's thread a couple of days ago. In various corners of the internet, I have encountered threads about what we're wearing. GT seems like a fun group with a varied sense of style, so I want to know: what are you wearing?

It can be your favorite lipgloss or your favorite pajama pants. You can take a picture or you can describe. Hopefully this isn't too doxxy?


I'll start: I'm wearing dark grey slacks, a black tank with a drapey neck with grey feathers printed on it, a long sleeve black cardigan, squirrel socks, black ankle boots with vaguely western detailing, and I am currently wrapped up in a purple and blue plaid scarf because it is super cold in this room.

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