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So hanging in there

So Mr. Ivriniel has been making some progress.

He has been attending a daily, noon AA meeting, and apparently hasn't had any alcohol since Sunday night. He has written a note to the staff at our local pub asking them to stop pulling pints for him the moment he walks in the door. (He intends to continue socializing with this friends at the pub. I am ok with that for now , because at least one friend at the pub expressed concern over his drinking a year ago... Something about him giving off an odour consistent with liver damage, and even having a doctor friend drop by to confirm it.)

He saw his Doctor on Wed. Coincidentally, he had the results of blood work that his life insurance wanted come in the same day, and all his liver tests were bad, so it ended up not mattering that he hadn't had the bloodwork done he was supposed to get done back in April.


The Doctor had been trying to get him to come in and follow up on the Emerg visit, so the Doctor was prepared to talk to him about his alcohol use. Mr. I filled him in on what has happened since the Emerg visit, and they have another appointment in 2 1/2 weeks to check on his progress. I have suggested to Mr. I that when he goes back he should ask for a referral to some mental health services, because while he may have the not drinking under control (for now at least) the underlying anxiety and depression that he was self-medicating is still there.

His first court date is tomorrow, but his lawyer does not want him to attend, which is good, because I do not want to leave a kindergarten class with a Supply teacher on Halloween. The lawyer doesn't want him there, on the off chance the judge decides that he wants to have Mr. I wait for his trial in jail, and then have him immediately taken into custody.

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