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So Here I Was, Feeling Sorry for Myself

Because I'm sick and Cute Boy Person is out of town and my wifi router broke so badly that cabling into the router works even less than using wifi. I just wanted to sit here and drink spiked chocolate soy milk and watch more Doctor Tennant but my upstairs neighbor didn't respond to my text asking for her network key and CBP wasn't responding to texts either.

I started watching Zoolander while futzing with the wifi settings and then my neighbor replied with her wifi key. I came to whine to GT and... well, you guise certainly put my lack of wifi while having a mild flu into perspective.


Hugs all around! Go Team Catdoge!

ETA: Kinja comments + neighbor's wifi + my old Macbook = wifi driver failure = reboot. And my PC isn't picking up the network even though I specified the name. I guess I'll watch Doctor Tennant and try to not crash the machine.

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