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Apparently my favorite employee showed up yesterday demanding a raise (which, reconstructing from buddy receptionist’s gossip, is $2/hr) or he would walk out and not even work yesterday’s shift.

Here’s what my reaction would be if an employee, regardless of quality, did that: “great, we will send you your final paycheck in 3 days as mandated by state law.”

Here’s what the ownership’s reaction was: “Ok!”

WHAT. THE. FUCK. There are people who have been here longer who have not gotten a raise. He has been here less than a year. He probably thinks he is entitled to one because he finished school - so what? He doesn’t have a license. Licensed people can do more, but he’s still at the no-license level of what he can do legally, and frankly at no-license level of skill since he’s hardly gotten to practice the “licensed tasks.” I’m pretty sure the woman who got thrust into a supervisor role because the previous one quit (BECAUSE OF THIS GUY) did not get a raise (could be wrong though).


But even with that, why would he get a raise after having multiple problems with other employees, saying utterly inappropriate shit to people, and apparently he had an argument with the boss a couple weeks ago that escalated to screaming? And if he says “people have terrible communication skills around here” one more time, I just might actually haul off and punch him after all. On what planet is any of this acceptable? It was up to me, he’d already be fired. No, he gets a raise.

Whatever, I’m leaving in 5 weeks (gulp). Then it will be onward to some other place’s BS, hopefully soon because I need to get paid and all that.

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