I LOVED LOVED LOVED the original House of Cards. Ian Richardson's Francis Urquhart was just the perfect antihero—oleaginous, grasping, poised, conniving, like a modern-day Richard III cut in miniature; a fascinating, malevolent political spider. When I heard they'd done an American remake, I rolled my eyes, because American remakes of great British TV shows are almost universally watered-down, dumbed-down, toothless clones. See "Coupling," "The Office," "Chateau Snavely" (the American Fawlty Towers), "Prime Suspect," etc., etc. Yeah, there are exceptions, but that's the rule.

But people are buzzing about it, and I have a weakness for political dramas in general. Has anyone seen both the original and the remake and have any thoughts as to how they compare? Or if not, just thoughts about the U.S. version?