I don't mean how do we use it. That's pretty obvious. What I'm wondering is, how do we feel we should respond when an older article we wrote pops back up in the sidebar and suddenly we start getting new comments/recommends on it? With the advent of the sidebar, what is dead may never die, and we're going to be seeing this a lot more often.

Personally and for my own articles that might come up again, I reject the notion of simply saying "this post is from months ago" as if that negates any value to the comment itself. I plan to respond to these comments the same way I would've if they'd been made the day the article was written. After all, a lot of GTers weren't around when the piece went up. Obviously, this is every person's individual choice โ€” I just think it shows integrity when an author doesn't just dismiss comments on these articles out of hand by saying "this is an old article."

Granted, some of this stuff is topical, and responses like "[Thing A] has happened since this went up, which changes the situation" are perfectly valid. But I throw some side-eye at the idea of just saying "this is an old article" and leaving it at that.

Where do you guys come down on it?