Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was at a party last night and got really really ill after two vodka-cranberries and two jello shots. I ate before I went to the party. I've never thrown up before. I've had more to drink than that before and it's always been fine, and I had no hangover this morning. But somewhere into the second vodka-cranberry last night I went to the bathroom because I thought I started my period. Then it was like the alcohol hit me like a brick wall and I felt really really dizzy and drunk. Less than thirty minutes later I was hurling up vodka into the sink and I guess I blacked out because people came in to check on me and were concerned and I don't remember any of it. I woke up next to the sink sometime later, cleaned up myself and the bathroom, and my friend's roomie pulled out the sofa bed for me. And aside from being really hungry, slightly drunk, and incredibly embarrassed I was fine.

Maybe it was a combo of other things- fast food, PMS, and the liquor- and regardless nothing was hurt except my pride, but I'm really confused because none of those have had that effect on me before. His roommate (jokingly?) said maybe someone put something in my drink, but me being me now I'm really paranoid that it did happen.


So what do you guys think?

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