Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I work in the accounting office of a regional chain of grocery stores. We have about 30 stores total in Texas and Louisiana.

Since I got the job in July 16 Noklew keeps telling me I should be shopping at the “company store”. I don’t agree. First there is an HEB much closer and the HEB is less expensive. I do, occasionally, go to “my” store but that is because there is one literally around the corner from my office so I can hit it up before or after work with out any extra driving. And I sometimes go to one on my side of town because they are not as busy and I can get in and out easier.


That being said I make a point of not bringing HEB or Kroger brand items to work. That would just feel weird.

Am I basically obligated to give them a portion of my paycheck every time I need groceries?

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