Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I basically got tricked into working my whole shift lol...

I woke up feeling sick this morning like I said last night. I called in and my manager asks if I can tough it out and come in for a few hours until the next person got there in my department. Today wasn't a good day because people from corporate came by. Ok whatever I'll tough it out. I get to about 11 in the morning and my manager comes over and asks how I'm doing and tells me there's not going to be anyone to relieve me. So first I was told someone would be here, then that whole story was changed.

Feel like I may work my Saturday shift and then tell them bye. I should have known that that would happen but I don't feel like putting up with that. Nobody came in at all to close tonight so good luck to them.


Working retail is for the birds.

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