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So I bought a Coach bag accidentally

As you all know, I have thoughts regarding Coach Bags. It boils down to the idea that if you are buying a bag that has giant letters on it, odds that on that you prefer to shop for items that give you status. I don't think its a hugely controversial idea really or even wrong. I mentioned in a post that I tend to read people who have that bag as probably not going to buy handmade stuff.

(I actually got a troll who cried classism on that, and that I was awful for judging people. I think that is off, because that implies that all judgement ever is wrong. I think acting like a jerk because of a judgement call is wrong, and that is where I draw the line mostly with exceptions to reacting to creepers. In my case, I merely adjust my expectations of selling stuff down to a very low number and I try and treat them the way I do anyone else. I do the same with teenagers, who probably don't have any money to spend, but I will treat them well and kindly. I could have said that to him/her but I just hit dismiss.)


But I bought a coach bag today.

For some background let me tell you the kind of person I am. I have startlingly large action figure collection for a reasonably normal adult. I have a terrifying addiction to lipstick and lipgloss. I adore nail polish deeply, and buy colors based on what beetle it looks like. I have a thing about books like you wouldn't believe. I'd probably have more problems with eyeshadow collecting, if I hadn't bought a large pallet a year back.

However, I don't collect purses. I am very picky about purses. At the most I have two at a time. I buy them in either black or brown on the theory that they will match about everything I have. It's always in leather, because it matches with basically everything really. It has to have the right length of straps, and it has to have pockets that zip or snap close.* It also has to be large enough to carry all my crap.** And I buy them from a thrift store because I'm both lacking in riches and am cheap.

In short, I buy purses once every five or so years. I can usually find one before my last purse dies, but for some reason The Great River hasn't brought me this time. My purse has been on it's last legs for several months now. The handle is about ready to come out, the lining is ripped and it' generally ready to fall apart.


Today, I went into the thrift store and there it was. It was perfect. Brown leather, with straps that are perfect (and adjust enough to transform into my other favorite form: the crossbody bag). It was under the glass case, but it was perfect and I needed it. So I asked for them to take it out and see what the price was. At 22 dollars was a tad more expensive than I normally buy bags for, but again I needed it.

As I was buying it, the person manning the counter said, "That's a good one. It's genuine."


I nodded and made a sound of agreement because I'd felt it and smelled it and it was decidedly genuine leather.

"We even checked the serial number. It's real."

"Serial number?" I say looking at her oddly as I waited for my card to be aproved. I wonder why would a bag need a serial number. It's not like a it's a computer with part that will break.


"Yes. All Coach bags have one."

"What? Oh crap."

Anyway, to ladies who were a strange mix of defensive of Coach bags and apologetic for owning one, as I said before it's okay to own one. It's very okay. And you are right, it is very, very nice.


(I also bought one of those large camera bags that all look like purses for three dollars. I'd wanted one for a long time and it was nice to get one. I am such a big spender.)

*Because I once saw an episode of Matlock where evidence was planted in a lady's purse that was open at the top.


**At anytime given I am carrying my wallet, an emergency supply of makeup, a sewing kit, a couple of perfume rollettes, a graphing calculator (You never know when you are going to need to plot something), a good sized camera, an MP3 player, and a swiss army knife.

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