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So I bought a white supremacist lunch today.

On accident I guess.

I was walking to the food trucks across the street from my office when I saw a man eating French fries off the ground. Then he started digging through the trashcan and eating food from it. He was pretty dirty looking and I think he was homeless.

Just seeing what he was doing to feed himself really hit me, so when I bought my lunch I got an extra meal and took it over to him.


Right as I was making eye contact I realized he was wearing a Trump hat and and a shirt for the ridiculous white power bullshit rally here in DC on Sunday.

For a second I wanted to give him a facefull of the same hate that his clothes represented. But I gave him the sandwich, he thanked me very gratefully, and I went on about my day.

I’m trying to feel like I took the high road, but damn does it feel like giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Out of all the things I have to hate 45 for, making me feel bad about feeding a hungry person has to be at the top of my personal list.

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