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... so I came up with a recipe for gluten and dairy free chocolate waffles. Which KiNja won't let me post, because every time I try, it cancels the post. WHATEVER, KINJA. Anyway.

I was in the mood to cook, but trying to keep it cool in my apartment because it's horrible in here. So I thought, "Waffles are something I can make with an appliance instead of the stove." I was thinking savory waffles, made with goat cheese and topped with mushrooms in a cream sauce.

I went looking for a recipe, and ran across one for chocolate waffles, instead. Non-gf, of course, but meh. So I started tossing stuff in a bowl, in my usual haphazard fashion, and made chocolate waffles for the kids to snack on. They even got the seal of approval from the non-gf kid I was sitting for today, as well as Other-Husband and Almost MIL, so they must be good!


Why, yes, I am damn pleased with myself :) now if I had just written it down... *sigh*

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