I’ve got a deep bruise on my right shin from where I tripped and fell while wearing wedge boots this past Monday. I also re-injured it by banging it on an open cabinet drawer at work a few days later (I cried, it hurt so flipping bad). Good news: I can walk on it fine, I have full range of motion, and it doesn’t throb or hurt unless there’s pressure applied to it. I was getting into bed a few nights ago and leaned on it accidentally, and it feels like a deep, deep tenderness and soreness. There’s also this weird...pulling sensation underneath it? I’m guessing it’s from swelling under the skin. The bruise started out blue and gray and now it’s turning green, which i think means it’s healing somewhat.

Does anybody have tips for healing a bad bruise or have you experienced anything like the “pulling” sensation? If I had health insurance I would go to the doctor, but I won’t for another month, and I know that they would likely want to do an x-ray. 😑 if it’s not markedly better by the middle of the week I will go and just suck up the cost. As of now I’m just taking ibuprofen if it feels achy or swollen, and using icy hot or an ice pack and keeping it elevated whenever I can.