I'm going to apply to grad school.

And I'm absolutely freaking out about it.

I'd be going for journalism, and I'm in NYC as most of you know. If I stay local, the BEST schools I could go to are the CUNY Grad Center (my best bet), Columbia (the dream) or NYU (psht yeah ok). If I decide to leave, Berkeley has a fantastic J-School. I'm going to apply to CUNY, Columbia and possibly Berkeley.


I know I need to take the GRE ASAP. And I need to get together a bunch of writing samples and letters of recommendation. And I need to stop having a panic attack. I will have to bank on my writing skills and charisma because my GPA isn't the best.

Today's my Grandpa's birthday, he would have been 83 today. I think he would have wanted me to at least try.


Princess Fluffybutt, M.A. Hmm. Has a nice ring to it, eh?