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So I Did It

I asked the girl I have a crush on if she actually bit my shoulder that night she was comforting me.

I didn't bring it up at the time because I thought I was imagining things and because, well, I was upset over my ex boyfriend that day. But she's been giving me these weird mixed signals since that night, and as much as I try not to care I kinda do. I'm the type of person who needs to get to the bottom of things or else it'll keep bugging me.


Update: Gahh, oh god she texted me back and just said she doesn't remember but it's possible that she did. Homegirl wasn't even that drunk that night, and who forgets biting a platonic friend on the shoulder if they're sober? I dunnoooo.

Do people just go around biting other people when they're drunk??? Is that a "thing"? I know I get pretty affectionate and turn into an exhibitionist, but I don't go around randomly biting people.

Gah, I need to stop this crush. It will get me nowhere. But she always comes in to see me during my shift and wants to hang out after work. Then she'll act kinda flirty until she talks about her male ex...and I don't understand wtf is going on in her brain or even mine, cuz she's not my normal type *and* she's in love with someone else who treats her like shit (I am also in love with someone I can't have, which is extra reason for caution). She's obviously torn up and emotionally unavailable and she says lol way too much in text messages. But despite all that I wanna be all: " Hey girl, what you need to help you get over him is takeout and a movie and a night playing kissy face experiment time at my house while we listen to Beyonce."

I don't know how anyone can date us girls. (I mean I do cuz boobs), but girl confusing is so much different than boy confusing. I actually don't know how anyone can pick up someone of their own gender, because on top of normal crush shit there's all this other crap about sexuality and openness and fetishizing that straight people don't really have to deal with. Y'all are some strong-ass folk, I'll tell you that.


Lady loving ladies, tell me what to think! I don't want to fuck up our budding friendship over this, but it's slowly taking over my brain.

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