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I, Janice Waffle, faced my fears and adulted today. I saw two doctors, for two very different reasons, and things are not all bad.

For starters, I have been putting off a gyno appointment for a very long time. The speculum didn't hurt, my pink donut has no sprinkles, and I'm getting back on birth control to help with my horrible, awful PMS and chunkalicious periods.


Then I saw the eye doctor. My prescription hasn't changed, but I do need surgery on my left eye. I had the right one done a while ago, so I knew this was coming. Still, my eyes are not as bad off as I'd anticipated.

All that said, I really need to get my blood sugars under control. Like, for serious. I have a lump on the back of my neck that is the result of insulin resistance. I thought it was a lipoma, from being fat. So, that was a slap in the face.

I also need to lose weight, but according to my doc that's second to the blood sugars. She was very happy that Mr. Waffle and I are adjusting our eating habits, but she wants me to see an endocrinologist, which will probably mean a diabetes educator, which will be nice for coming up with meal plans.

On the weird side, my eye doc looks like a skinny John Malkovic, so when he put his face in front of the eye checker machine thingy, it reminded me of the doorway to his brain in Being John Malkovich.

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