So, I don't know if I am irrational in my feelings (I am a few weeks away from giving birth) or if I have the right to feel hurt. I have been feeling pretty hurt lately that we have received almost nothing for the baby. I have received three small gifts from two of my best friends and a few small books/rattles from my mother. I understand the baby is my husband and I's responsibility so we have budgeted and made sacrifices to get the things that our daughter will need. I am not upset about that. I just feel sad that there has been so little celebration for our daughter. I feel there was almost no celebration for my husband's and I marriage as well. Unfortunately, most of our friends are either in a completely different life stage or are financially struggling with their own children. One of my husband's good friend died 3 months ago and his other good friend just moved away with his family because he was discharged from the military. We are pretty isolated and while we are trying to make new community, it hurts us that the community we have left don't seem to supportive of us.

My brother sent me a congratulations on the baby card this week with nothing in it. I just dropped like 200 dollars last year on gifts for his son born last year. So yes, I was a bit upset that he didn't at least send some of the stuff his baby used and no longer needs. And my father has more or less refused to talk to me since he started dating his new girlfriend about 2 years ago. He knows about the baby but hasn't even inquired on her due date or her gender.

What gets me upset the most is that my husband's family is pretty well off. No one from his family has sent the baby anything. We spent a bit for his younger brother's baby a few months back and we are sad that they haven't even reciporicated. My husband's older brother has also sent nothing. What gets me the most angry is his parents said they would get us a video monitor. But the catch is that they want to bring it to us when they come visit us- which won't be probably til October or November. We will need it before the baby turns 4 months, you know? I feel like the monitor is being held over our heads and they are completely oblivious to the fact that we would have to really budget for a 100 dollar monitor. So either commit to sending it or don't because it screws up our baby budget.

Ugh. It isn't about the stuff really. I just don't want our daughter Hazel to feel like she has any less attention or love than other children. I am so over the moon happy about having my daughter and it makes me sad that the people around me, who I have invested heavily in their lives, cannot seem to be happy too.

Am I off base to feel hurt?