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So I feel kinda like a shitty person now

TW super inane drama.

I may have accidentally shit stirred, and I don't know what to do about it. So there's this dance studio I frequent, and I've become friends with some of the instructors. One in particular is a really close friend now (A), one I'm on casual acquaintance terms with (B), and the third is the owner (C).


A few months back, B threw a party and invited a lot of current and former students of the studio she currently works at. At this party, she made no secret of wanting to quit and focusing on competing professionally. At the same time, she gushed to everyone about the quality of the competing studio she's been training at, telling everyone about how much better the training is there and talking about the lack of professionalism at the studio she works at.

Well, I mentioned this to A the other day because it didn't sit well with me that B was pretty much telling all of her students to go to a competing school when C's business is struggling as it is and the instructors have been fine. I should have kept my trap shut, because unbeknownst to me A has some interoffice politics going on with B regarding the fact that their class times are incredibly out of balance.


So I get a text today from B, asking if I had said anything to C, to which I said no. I guess C gave B a talking to, though I don't know about what. But regardless, B was sending me angry texts. So I brought it up to A, and she said that she did express concern to C but did not mention any names.

Oy, what a mess. What do you do when you find out you accidentally shit stirred?

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