Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I finally got to the doctor (looking fine in sweats and Uggs) and apparently I have an acute sinus infection, which is improving from antibiotics and souped-up Tylenol. Naturally I felt crushing, horrible guilt about missing work especially because of my fuckup the other day.


I feel better, though not nearly 100%, today, so I wanted to rush back to work ASAP, and I texted my boss I'd be doing so...and she told me to chill and take another day. I swear I've been thinking this illness would get me fired this whole time. After my last job, when taking so much as a half day was greeted by angry texts from my coworkers and accusations of laziness and disrespect of the office, this is epically confusing.

Boss just texted me that I am not to return until I'm 24 hours fever free. What the heck? Why am I being treated like a person? I don't understand this and dealt with it by calling the office administrator, getting clients' numbers and making a few phone calls. I guess I'll get back to this "resting" boss told me about now...

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