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I finally finished hand-quilting the quilt I've been working on since September. I hand-pieced this one during the summer and started quilting it after labor day. It is a queen size with 80 blocks so it had a LOT of quilting. I have worked on it fairly steadily —doing maybe one block or two a night, and more on the weekends. My hands and fingernails are a mess from pushing that needle—I've sewn through my thumbnail twice and had to let it grow out. :)

The book I used for the pattern called it a Pickle Dish, but my experience is that Pickle dish is a little different, and I've seen this one called an Eyelash quilt.


It was a stash-buster—there are over 160 different fabrics in it—using up a lot of scraps.

I enjoyed working on this—for me hand-sewing is like meditation—it keeps my energy centered and I find it very theraputic. I was not too crazy about it when I finished piecing but I like it better after quilting, as always. I love the texture that quilting brings to things. I want to wash it this weekend to get the crinkly texture happening.

I have 3 other tops finished that I need to quilt but I think I'm going to start piecing something new to give my hands a little rest.

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