Ugh. But on the plus I found another job I really want. I'm so sick of writing cover letters! Would Anyone mind reading this over for me? It's for an editorial web asst job at an online fashion/beauty blog type thing. (I took out some identifying details.)

Dear Place I want to work,

The fall is my favorite season for beauty. Not only because I can break out a new pair of booties, but because it means I can start wearing oxblood nail polish and darker lip colors again. As an editorial web assistant at Company, I will bring my appreciation for classic beauty staples and new fall trends to the editorial team.

I just spent the past year and a half learning how to hone my editorial skills as a Blank at Current Job. I had the opportunity to blank and learn about the different facets of Industry. As an blank, I learned how to target my writing to reach a specific audience. Whether writing copy or advertising points for a season launch, my attention to detail made Blank happen.

Currently, I write press releases to send to our media contacts. I always try to frame my releases like an article, to give a new perspective. When managing our blog partnerships to garner more reviews, I analyze bloggers' rankings, blog traffic, and their followers on social media. Using new media to improve communications with our readers is my primary goal, so I ensure that each new blogger I invite to the program has a strong following, and is familiar with the latest content and news in the ____ industry. I would apply the same fastidiousness to managing projects for Daily Candy.


I am also familiar with content management systems like Tumblr and Wordpress. I am comfortable with tagging, adding captions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and back-linking for posts. When writing an article for my friend’s blog, I linked to Twitter and added back-links, and captions via Tumblr. With my social media and editorial experience I would make a great editorial web assistant. Thank you for considering my application; my resume is attached for your review. Please do not hesitate to contact me should require any additional information.