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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I got a free thing of “baby detergent” at work like a month ago. I’m not due until the summer, I JUST moved (it was a weird 2 months situation), and no one else in the office wanted it, so I’ve just left it at my desk. (This is pretty regular here - when we end up with free product, lots of it just hangs out for awhile until you actually need it at home or wherever.)

Someone just came up to me and asked if I needed assistance carrying it out to my car. It is a 100 oz thing of detergent. I was like, “no...”

“Well, I know you’re pregnant, I figured that’s too big for you to lift since it’s still here.”


Like. No. I lift heavier things regularly - since I go grocery shopping and do dishes and make dinner and do laundry and also 100 oz is not even sort of heavy.

Of course, when I’m annoyed at shit like this, it’s so funny how hormonal pregnancy makes me! (trust me, moving is annoying when you’re pregnant because everyone freaks out when you touch a box because it’s “so heavy” or helping to push a couch or dresser from where it is to where we want it to be is SO DANGEROUS, but carrying a 17lb cat in a big carrier to and from the car is totally fine because everyone else hates the cat. You know when all you helpers are gone, things still need to happen at my house.)

I don’t know what this says about my regular mental state, but I honestly feel more balanced and rational than I did before I was pregnant. Like, I cry more easily, but I’m not some crazy person who can’t make a decent decision to save my life.

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