I have been recalled to work (my furlough was from the sequester not the shutdown); I am to report to room 1444 on Monday. This is a good thing since I have been going slowly crazed (but then I did not have far to travel) and I ran out of money. I am going to have to cut back on my GT posting, eliminate quite a few blogs that I read, go to bed earlier - you know, all that adult stuff.

I got my weight down below 230 and I can fit into some pants I bought in Paris in 2000 (granted I really struggled to get them buttoned but hey!). I found someone to teach me how to operate my Singer sewing machine - I can't even figure out how to thread it.

I broke down and bought some ice cream (Hagen Daas cherry vanilla) last night - haven't had any yet (I once drove a housemate crazy b/c I bought some ice cream and never opened it and he 'refused' to be the one to start - his fiance told me about his complaints - b-t-b she is the woman who became my ex last year). I guess I am just not used to treating myself. I put sugar in my coffee and drink bourbon and coke (well, actually Rye and store brand cola) and that is about it for sweets. My mother used to make these little almond tarts that were so good my sister used to use them to bribe her boss but mom is 87 and can't stand up long enough to bake any more. She used to send me bags of them; I would put them in the freezer but they would not last very long.

I just poured myself a second rye and cola because - did you hear that Schwartzenegger is going to sue to have the rules changed so he can run for president in 2016. The Repugs are okay with that. Craig is on and he has Rosie on tonight (Rosie told a story about how she was at a club one night and when she left some of the local street walkers heard her laugh and told her she could make a lot of money as a 'Rosy Perez' prostitute and they started to run after her; Rosie tripped and fell on the curb breaking her leg - the last thing she heard before she passed out was some yelling "you broke the whore, you broke the whore" - well, it was funny when Rosie told it.

Good Night.