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So I got Googled at Google last night...

I met up with a fellow nerd from OKC for dinner last night and it went alright, so then we went to a speakeasy for some drinks...Turns out, he's a software enginerd at The Land of Pure Imagination, aka Google...

I wasn't expecting this guy to have any game, so when he said "It's really loud in here, want to go somewhere quieter? We can go to my office...," I was pleasantly surprised! I knew what he was up to and I wasn't completely opposed to the idea of sexytime with him, but I was more excited by the fact that HOLY SHIT I GET TO SEE GOOGLE HEADQUARTERS - it's the stuff of legends!


Imagine if F.A.O Schwarz had cubicles in it, and you've got Google headquarters...There was a whole room of just Legos for everyone to play with!

After we played with some Legos, we went up to his cubical area and started making out...once things started getting more heated, he lead me to the ROOFDECK! Can you imagine working in an office with a roofdeck with a gorgeous panoramic view of the city?

My underwear was NOT willing to stay on...it was mostly because I hadn't gotten laid in over a month, but it sure helped that we were fooling around in a sexy non-bedroom setting...at one point, another couple came out to enjoy the view, but unexpectedly got a great view of my butt...

Anyway, if I were to give him a Zagat rating, I'd say a 20/30. He was REALLY GOOD at Googling me, especially at performing advanced searches...However, I asked him nicely for a voice search, but he decided to stick to manual mode...


Most importantly,


, so I can go back to being a functional human being!

Anyone else have any sex in not-so-private places stories?

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