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So I got my nipples pierced today

And now I need help because I AM DYING.

I know I'll get over it eventually because I went through this same bout of "OMG YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF" after I pierced my tongue back in junior year and couldn't talk or eat for a week, but for right now, MY BOOBS HURT OMG.


Is this what breastfeeding feels like? I'm never having kids. Honestly it feels like.... when your nipples get really hard because it's cold out? BUT A MILLION TIMES WORSE. And I'm annoyed because actually getting pierced wasn't bad at all.

My boobs are pretty big and pendulous so I pretty much can't do anything without knocking into them. And on top of that I'm now forced to wear bras at home (don't judge me. Or do, just silently, or at least in a way that will make me laugh) because being wild and free makes my nipples ache more. I'm gonna have to sleep in the damn thing.


And that's the other thing! I sleep on my stomach and now I can't because DEATH. I hate my life.

They actually look pretty good and I'm pleased with them, but they're so swollen. I'm actually a little worried the bar might be too short even though he specifically gave me some extra room to accommodate that. And on top of that, my right tit is bleeding lol. It's crusty and gross. Not sexy. I have a lot of piercings, but they never really bleed, so I'm not sure what to do beside sea salt rinse. Any suggestions?


Any general tips on how not to chop my boobs off in a fit of delirium? Mostly I want to know what to do bra wise. I have some tissue tucked in my bra to catch the blood and prevent rubbing but I'm guessing that's not a long term solution.

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