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So I got some groceries after my earlier post

And I'm actually pretty excited about what I got, and the meals I can put together this/next week as a result.
I got:
Broccoli crowns
Brussels sprouts (MY FAVORITE, and they were on sale)
A few gorgeous looking grapefruits
Chicken breast
Turkey sausage

And for healthyish treats:
Jalapeño stuffed olives (nommm)
Cheddar cheese
Pear and apple flavored Wensleydale (it's a mildly sweet English dessert cheese. I'm kind of a cheese freak.)
And one bar of extra dark chocolate to break the occasional piece off of.

It was only about $40 and will last me for at least two weeks. I'm pretty stoked, and feeling a lot more positive about my goal of taking better care of my nutrition.

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