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With my family in general. Ok. People have bad days in their lives. I understand some people don't necessarily like when someone expresses when they are having a bad day or issues on Facebook. Everyone has their thing, including me.

I express yesterday how upset I am (didn't specify about family) and today I kinda mention it, but it's more about how I want to escape with books like how I used to. What does my know-it-all cousin say?

"Sweetie why don't you go and have a discussion with the person that u say is giving you havoc instead of posting it on FB"


Who said I didn't have discussions with them? I feel like someone cannot have a bad day or 2. Also, if it bothers her so much why not text me or call me? I basically told her that and that she can block my feed if it bothers her so much. This coming from the person that never expresses her annoyance with her mother, but can call my mom and bitch to her about how her mom annoys her. Good to know you have a gossip partner. Also, someone that always used to tell me to get on a diet (her and her mom used to love to tell me that).

You know what someone does if they are actually concerned? They call or text. My good friend called last night, talked to me, and told me it's ok to be upset because it's a rough time to be getting ready to move. My best friend texted to make sure I was ok. Another friend also texted. I felt better after that. That's what people do when they are concerned and want to know what's going on. Maybe that's just the way I see things.

Don't know. I feel better today, but I still know that I am going to pack as much as I can this week and keep my head down because all of the things have been going on for the past few years have been building up, and I guess since I'm getting ready to leave the tensions have been high and reality is setting in for me and maybe my family. I've had conversations before about these things but really, I can't change people and that is why it's a good thing I am leaving.

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