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So I had a dream.

I was at some sort of con. I was about to meat the twins that play Iceman in X-Men and Jax on Warehouse 13. The line exploded and they started a panel so I went outside to watch some motorcross jumping. No, that doesn't make any sense. Outside it was in some picturesque Scottish looking place and the berm they were going to jump was part of the mountain that was sticking out. The first guy was going around tapping on the berm with a big stick, I guess to make sure it was safe if he hit it on the bike. But part of it collapsed and there was a big thunder noise and there was some ground that collapsed where it fell. So he went to the other end and hit it with the stick and there was a louder noise and more of the berm fell away. A giant crack in the ground opened up and the guy disappeared into it and there was some obvious collapse on top of him.

So that woke me up about 8 minutes before my alarm went off. I feel traumatized. I almost never remember dreams.

Anybody else dream something weird?

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