Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I had my birthday party last night...

My birthday isn't technically until Tuesday, but I went out and drank heavily last night as a pre-celebration before I'm officially too old to do that shit anymore.


Ugh. I got. So. Drunk. I haven't been that drunk in at least 3 years, and poor MitsuBT had to stay sober (he was DD) and deal with my drunk ass. My tab alone was over $100. I had at least 7 shots and a few (maybe 3 or 4?) mixed drinks. And we didn't even close down the bar, because I decided I wanted a Happy Meal and made MitsuBT take me to McDonald's. We went to a tattoo expo/convention today, and I only lasted about a half an hour before we had to leave and hit up a bar for recovery beers and some pool.

The hangover is pretty much gone now; I felt like shit for part of today, but I actually bounced back far quicker than I was expecting. I thought for sure I'd be suffering well into the work week.


Anyway, while I was super drunk, I was not so drunk that I don't remember anything that happened (yay for being older and wiser and stuff). I noticed I have the most annoying habit when I am drunk: I have to tell everyone how drunk I am. MitsuBT said we had this conversation at least 20 times last night:

Me: Heeeey!

BT: Hey you.

Me: I'm drunk!

BT: I see that.

Me: I love you.

And then I would wander off to do more shots or play darts. 15 minutes later, same conversation would occur.


So, now my goal is to make it through my actual birthday (when I will probably be as drunk again) without announcing how drunk I am to anyone who will listen. And also MitsuBT has been instructed to take my phone and not let me drunk text or drunk Facebook. He wasn't aware that he needed to do that last night, so I texted about a million people (including my mom!) and told everyone on Facebook how much I love them.

I'm so paranoid I have other annoying drunk habits. MitsuBT claims it's "cute" but I think otherwise. Please tell me I'm not alone and you guys/gals also have silly drunk things that you do?

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