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So. I had my last college class today.

Yeah. That happened. :)

I still have a few assignments to do, so I won't be completely done until Tuesday when the semester officially ends.

But guys...I DID IT.

5 1/2 years. And nothing about them has been easy. My mom having cancer, losing my grandpa, dealing with my (now-ex) stepdad, being kicked out of my house. Several jobs, several breakups. Seizures, kidney stones, a million cases of bronchitis or strep throat or pneumonia or whatever the hell I had that week. Misdiagnosed mental illnesses, wrong medication for mental illnesses I didn't have. Bouts of therapy, moving twice. Changing majors, retaking classes, getting a cat, getting my driver's license.


It's just...HOLY SHIT. I FUCKING DID IT. I felt like I'd never be done. I can't believe it's finally over.

You guys...fuck. I have my B.A. (almost)!

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