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I've been in a real slump lately, and I'm trying to figure out if it's just winter doldrums or actually being emotionally burned out. I find myself getting REALLY impatient (not with anyone at work, but then again I often work on projects by myself), but at home. I usually have a really long-burning fuse, but now I seem to get rage-y like flipping a switch. I've avoided talking to my friends and my parents about it (or at all, really) because I just...don't have the energy. I don't even feel like I could BE a good friend right now, because I just end up feeling drained after talking, and when the conversation turns to me I can't even articulate how I feel lately beyond "crappy and frustrated".

So...has anyone else experienced this? I'm just confused. I know I should find a therapist but I want to go in with something more coherent to say than "Argh, I feel shitty. Help!"

Ugh. Sorry, just had to get that out somewhere. And not that anyone probably would, but please don't mainpage this.

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