They aren't really bothersome, and maybe aren't even a troll, although they're very careful to delete their commenting history after every comment. BUT the circumstances are super weird.

Before the dreadful, racist article she wrote for the Powder Room, nomadikat (I forget her real name and don't care enough to look it up) wrote a similar (although less blatantly offensive) piece on veiling in the Middle East. I, and several other commenters, took issue with parts of the post. This post was written in December.

Starting right after nomadikat was so brutally censored on the Powder Room (so many tears for her), this person would comment, about once a week, responding to my comments on this post. I never responded to them until today, after the fourth time it's happened in the past month. I'm not entirely unconvinced it's not a burner nomadikat herself.

Here's the article, for reference, and one of the comment threads this person keeps coming back to.