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I knew they were meant to be humorous but I have always thought it was an attack on the sexism of the original stories. I have used these books as how to write in a more inclusive manner and have used terms from his stories.

I saw one of his books at a thrift shop and perused it, it was the Holiday stories book. I wondered “is he still writing these books and what happened to him”. He is not and wikipedia seems barren on info actually it appears he has not written any new books since the 2000s.

I always thought his goal was for us to think in a more inclusive way and to shed stereotypes that are harmful. No he is making fun of it. I feel betrayed.


Although maybe the jokes on him. Maybe he never dreamed how one person would see his books as how to see the original stories as sexist and how to take my feelings about tolerance and inclusiveness and use his books as a teaching tool for writing.

It is odd he essentially vanished.

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