Scaring Straight Allies

So I have been seeing this post pop up on my Facebook feed all day.

I finally took the bait and read it this evening. It is eye rolling worthy in the sense that we should turn off our tone policing when talking to "new" allies and be more welcoming of them in our spaces.

Pretty much he brought a friends who identified as an ally to a Q&A session. The friend asked which one was a "girl" in a gay relationship and was attacked by the queer community. His poor ally-feelings were hurt and promised to never go back to an event again.

While I do have a little sympathy for this guy in this particular case (I assume this Q&A was meant for allies) I do not agree with the author's conclusion. Straight, cis gendered people have almost all the space right now. It is not our job to make them more comfortable in ours, especially when our space isn't welcoming of the entire alphabet soup as is.

I think the most frustrating thing is how many allies are sharing this to Facebook. Oh I'm sorry you don't feel comfortable within queer spaces, why don't you take a second to think how we feel 90% of the time.


Sorry for the rant, this just pissed me off!