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Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I have not had a solid night of sleep in about three weeks except for the night when I got super drunk last weekend. Mostly, I'll go to bed at around 11, toss and turn, get up and browse the internet maybe, go back to bed for a few more hours and maybe doze off around sunrise. I do find that if I stay in bed all night and doze with my eyes closed, while I'm awake for most of the night, I feel rested enough in the morning, but still, I want to sleep.


I've always been a problem sleeper and I tend not to sleep when I'm stressed, but it's never gone on for three weeks with no signs of slowing down. I'm cutting almost all my caffeine (one cup of tea in the morning and that's it), but even when I combine that with vigorous exercise 5 hours before bed, I just end up drifting a bit but never really falling asleep.

At first I thought it was the excitement of moving to a new city and starting grad school, but it's been so long. I'm not stressed, just restless. I moved to freaking China and still managed to sleep, so I can't imagine what's causing this. Any advice, night owls of GT?

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