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So I hear that women between 16-24 are stressed

My dad tells me that and looks at me like how could this even be possible. I mean women, stressed out about what? Like women, and stress, how is that even possible?

I chose to answer this question.

Well first you are told you have to look a certain way, and if you don't, you shouldn't love yourself, because no one will love you because the only reason anyone loves you is based on how you look. You are also told that beauty is in many forms, but you need to buy all these things to achieve that beauty because if you don't you aren't a real woman. If you aren't a real women then you won't be loved. But you shouldn't buy these things because you should love yourself and therefore should buy into therapy that will teach you to love yourself. If you go to therapy you are broken and shouldn't love yourself, in fact you should keep buying all these things to achieve that look that will grant you love. If you go to therapy you are attention seeking, which means you aren't loved, and are looking for love, but that means that you don't look a certain way, and makes you not a real woman.


On top of that you need to have children. In fact, if you don't have the children by the time you are 24 you risk making offspring that are not good. How dare you live a life, you should be making the best offspring. On top of that you need to go to school, but you also need to make the children, but you need to go to school and become accomplished. Don't go to school, that takes away time from the child making and rearing.

You didn't go to school, you are a dumb cunt, and a waste of womenhood. You made children? You had sex, you are a slut and whore. How dare you have sex. You better not have enjoyed that sex, because sex is only for men and for the child making, but even though you made children you are still a slut.

You had children? You are horrible woman because you should have gone to work. Now you are wasting my tax dollar with your children. That you made by having sex, which you aren't suppose to having. You should get a job.

You got a job? Shouldn't you be at home having the children? Who is gonna take care of those children because you are at work. You know that society has gotten worse because of all these selfish women working, they should be at home making the babies, without having the sex, and taking care of the children, while at the same time going to school and working.


You want to be paid. I'm sorry, but your vagina means you only make 75% of what a penis makes. I'm sorry, but penises are more important because no one likes holes. We like things that fill holes, but really, a hole? No one likes that.

Wait, you managed to have the children, love yourself, go to school and have job? You are a horrible excuse for a person.


You see that man over there, he's a father of 5, has a phd. and a good job. He's the best person there is. You are a lying stupid useless cunt.

What, you aren't listening to that man over there? I'LL STAB YOU WHORE!!! WOMENZ MUST OBEYZ THE MENZZZ


My Dad changes the subject, but quickly mentions that it's stupid to care what people think.

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