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I’m on Tinder now, so I am now embracing life and being open to meeting new people and all that other shit.

I have six matches, and none of them has messaged me yet! What is this nonsense? I read that some people (read: dudes) have this “strategy” of swiping right for literally every woman on there to maximize their potential number of matches. But at least one of these dudes must actually be interested in me, right? I could message one of them, I suppose, but I am horrifically shy and I don’t really want to do that. There are a couple of them I think I might like enough to send the first message, but idk what I would even say. And before you suggest mentioning something from their profiles, they both have really short profiles. So I could, but there isn’t a ton to go on. Maybe if none of them have messaged me by tomorrow I will say hi then.


I don’t really understand how this Tinder nonsense works, I guess. It seems like you should only end up getting matched with someone if you are at least interested in having a convo to find out more! Or if you want to hook up with them, but my profile says no hookups. Maybe I am wasting my time on Tinder if I don’t want a hookup—but if that turns out to be the case, I will just delete the app, no big deal! :)

I got too overwhelmed by OKCupid bc there was just too much...idk, too much of everything. I liked being able to answer a bunch of questions to get better matches, but I got freaked out by getting so many messages from terrible dudes. I felt stressed out when I would log on and see how many people were on there. I figured on Tinder I can only be messaged by guys I approve of, and it didn’t take long to set up the profile so it feels like less of A Thing. But if no one ever messages me at all, that is not exactly an improvement.

So my question is: do people generally send a message right after they see they got a match, or do they get around to it later?

Also: share your tinder stories!

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